New challenges demand new responses

The increasing integration of the world economy and especially the commitment of your company in international business make it imperative that your projects abroad run reliably and on schedule.


You're on the safe side with intelliJOB in this regard and enjoy a double benefit: our specially trained intelliJOB employees generally play a dual role in your foreign team, because as interpreters, they have mastered the local language, and they also actively contribute to the work on the project.


Everywhere where communication abroad is of decisive importance – at the construction site, in the office, during the conference, with the authorities, in the hotel – intelliJOB is the right partner for you. We support the communication of your company with clients, suppliers and employees on location. intelliJOB employees are there for you every day, worldwide:

  • at the construction site during the building, training and production rollout phases of large-scale technical plants,
  • during training courses for the on-site personnel of your client – working together with the specialists from your company,
  • for the design of an international, internal company training system,
  • during the organization of a smoothly functioning local sales system.


Expand your team with competence, reliability and flexibility. Give us a call. We will gladly prepare an offer for you at no obligation.

Project Management Officer (PMO) – Bereich IT (m/w) – Job-Nr.: 1140
Unterstützung und Entlastung des Projektleiters bei Planungs-, Erfassungs- und Informationsaufgaben

Gas- und Wasserinstallateur (m/w) – Raum Würzburg - Job-Nr.: 1137
Unser Kunde ist in folgenden Bereichen tätig: Gas- und Wasserinstallation, Haus- und Gartentechnik, Beregnung und Bewässerung. Für eine geplante spätere Übernahme suchen wir ab sofort im Raum Würzburg Gas- und Wasserinstallateure (m/w)

Maschinen- und Anlagenführer (m/w) – Job-Nr.: 1136
Maschinenbedienung, Druckweiterverarbeitung, Falzen, Schneiden

Buchbinder (m/w) – Job-Nr.: 1135
Bedienung und Überwachung der Maschinen in der Buchbinderei, Steuerung des Produktprozesses

Inbetriebnehmer / Servicetechniker (m/w) Bereich Kranbau (Job-Nr.: 701)
Aufbau und Inbetriebnahme von Kränen, Servicetätigkeiten sowie Stand by- Einsätze, weltweit.

Job-Nr. 838 - Serviceetechniker (m/w) Elektronik
Einsatzbereich: Bohrinsel