Assistance in building a sales organization in Hungary


Establishment of a sales organization in Hungary for a German manufacturer of archiving systems with special office furniture


Time period

Fastest possible local implementation



Recruitment of suitable employees for permanent employment by the client and practical support in starting the company in Hungary


Our recruitment services

  • intelliJOB handled the recruitment of a suitable sales manager capable of establishing a sales organization independently.
  • Furthermore, intelliJOB recruited a backoffice worker and a technician who were put on permanent staff by the client.


Additional services for the establishment of the business

  • As part of the comprehensive support for establishing the business, intelliJOB assisted in the location of a suitable sales office in Budapest.
  • Furthermore, our bilingual intelliJOB staff supported the client from the very start in all the organization measures required for setting up the business.
  • intelliJOB assumed responsibility for translations, legalizations and facilitated approvals from the authorities.
  • With the help of our Hungarian marketing partner, intelliJOB provided the client with optimal assistance in all marketing preparations.


With the assumption of complex recruitment and support tasks by intelliJOB, our client was able to establish the sales company in Hungary very quickly without difficulties.


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