Welcome to intelliJOB – the specialist provider of human resources with foreign language expertise for projects abroad

With large projects in a foreign country, the right words at the right time and place are often critical to the success of the entire project. Correct internal and external communication in harmony with local customs is of central importance – when dealing with the authorities, the client and with native work colleagues. intelliJOB staff contribute exactly to this competence. This is because they are at home throughout the world and have three decisive advantages.


In addition to German, intelliJOB employees have a command of at least one other language, often as native speakers.


Furthermore, intelliJOB employees have professional qualifications in areas such as mechanical engineering, electronics, information technology, marketing and sales. This enables them to integrate perfectly in any team and contribute actively to the work.


intelliJOB employees provide highly motivated, committed support to international active companies for precisely as long as they are needed for a project abroad.
As a specialist agency for worldwide temporary placement of qualified personnel for projects abroad, we are members of the "Interessenverband Deutscher Zeitarbeitsunternehmen" (iGZ), the association of German temporary employment agencies, and we operate according to the German law on temporary agency employment (Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz or AÜG). We also contract with freelancers. Take advantage of the opportunities we offer to interested applicants and companies.
Project Management Officer (PMO) – Bereich IT (m/w) – Job-Nr.: 1140
Unterstützung und Entlastung des Projektleiters bei Planungs-, Erfassungs- und Informationsaufgaben

Gas- und Wasserinstallateur (m/w) – Raum Würzburg - Job-Nr.: 1137
Unser Kunde ist in folgenden Bereichen tätig: Gas- und Wasserinstallation, Haus- und Gartentechnik, Beregnung und Bewässerung. Für eine geplante spätere Übernahme suchen wir ab sofort im Raum Würzburg Gas- und Wasserinstallateure (m/w)

Maschinen- und Anlagenführer (m/w) – Job-Nr.: 1136
Maschinenbedienung, Druckweiterverarbeitung, Falzen, Schneiden

Buchbinder (m/w) – Job-Nr.: 1135
Bedienung und Überwachung der Maschinen in der Buchbinderei, Steuerung des Produktprozesses

Inbetriebnehmer / Servicetechniker (m/w) Bereich Kranbau (Job-Nr.: 701)
Aufbau und Inbetriebnahme von Kränen, Servicetätigkeiten sowie Stand by- Einsätze, weltweit.

Job-Nr. 838 - Serviceetechniker (m/w) Elektronik
Einsatzbereich: Bohrinsel