Technology specialist Michael Koenig reports from Tacoma, Washington in the U.S.A.

Instead of working in the main plant of my employer in Germany, I wanted the freedom to explore opportunities and get to know various countries. I wanted to find an interesting job abroad with good pay.


Through intelliJOB I came here to Tacoma, Washington in the U.S.A.. For more than a year, I have shared responsibility with a colleague for the construction and service of mobile cranes in the harbor. The position really involves a lot of responsibility, because I am the de facto manager there, responsible for "nearly everything": technical issues, communication with the customer and the American harbor administration as well as the exchange of information with the home office in Germany.


I haven't regretted taking this job, because it has broadened my horizons in every respect. Now I speak nearly perfect English and have learned teamwork and how to assume responsibility.


In the meantime, the Americans have come to value my contributions. To them I am the competent specialist who supports the gigantic special equipment and knows it thoroughly. This recognition feels good and motivates me a lot.


I have an unlimited contract with intelliJOB, and the work together is OK in every respect. The pay is excellent, and I can't complain about the allowances and accomodations either. What I find particularly gratifying is that we have made an individual working time agreement that enables me to fly home more often. Of course, my family is happy about that, too.


Satisfaction guaranteed: Whether for a year in the U.S.A. or a few months in another European country – with intelliJOB you'll find exactly the opportunity you're looking for.

Project Management Officer (PMO) – Bereich IT (m/w) – Job-Nr.: 1140
Unterstützung und Entlastung des Projektleiters bei Planungs-, Erfassungs- und Informationsaufgaben

Gas- und Wasserinstallateur (m/w) – Raum Würzburg - Job-Nr.: 1137
Unser Kunde ist in folgenden Bereichen tätig: Gas- und Wasserinstallation, Haus- und Gartentechnik, Beregnung und Bewässerung. Für eine geplante spätere Übernahme suchen wir ab sofort im Raum Würzburg Gas- und Wasserinstallateure (m/w)

Maschinen- und Anlagenführer (m/w) – Job-Nr.: 1136
Maschinenbedienung, Druckweiterverarbeitung, Falzen, Schneiden

Buchbinder (m/w) – Job-Nr.: 1135
Bedienung und Überwachung der Maschinen in der Buchbinderei, Steuerung des Produktprozesses

Inbetriebnehmer / Servicetechniker (m/w) Bereich Kranbau (Job-Nr.: 701)
Aufbau und Inbetriebnahme von Kränen, Servicetätigkeiten sowie Stand by- Einsätze, weltweit.

Job-Nr. 838 - Serviceetechniker (m/w) Elektronik
Einsatzbereich: Bohrinsel